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Data Project

Data Science is a powerful tool for companies seeking to enhance efficiency and informed decision-making. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, data is interpreted and transformed into highly accurate predictions, providing a significant competitive advantage.


More accurate predictions
Utilization of real-time integrations
Improved data security

Data Lake

The data lake is a crucial framework for Data Science and Big Data manipulation. It is used to generate descriptive models for clustering, associations, or outliers, as well as predictive models such as classifications and regressions. Unstructured or structured data from the data warehouse and data lake serve as the foundation for these models.



Solution Factory

System development projects can be carried out at HartB's facilities or at clients' sites, always following best practices in operational, strategic, and quality control management. Our services can be contracted continuously or partially, based on each client's specific needs.

Software Factory

Productive and cost-effective development, with the ability to handle multiple demands as per our clients' requirements.
Expertise in web, mobile, integration, and BI solutions, supported by agile squads, DevOps, and Design Sprint.
Utilization of the latest market technologies.

Support Factory

Corrective maintenance on applications, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
Incident handling with root cause analysis through service level agreements, if necessary.
Operation across 3 levels and multiple platforms, with scalable capacity as needed.
Involvement in problem management, ensuring service availability.

Business Factory

Creation of functional specifications for our clients' business area demands.
Utilization of modern methodologies such as Lean and Design Thinking.
Support for agile and waterfall project management or specific demands.
Increased software factory productivity through reduced solution implementation time.